Come in and meet the crew.

Felisha Foster, Owner

Felisha Foster, also known as Flea, began her career as a baby in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she learned from her mother about casual southern hospitality. Her first proprietorship came in her late 20‘s when she opened a martini and wine bar--Double Olive--in Mobile, Alabama. Although interesting, that endeavor was ultimately unsatisfying. After selling Double Olive, she embarked upon a journey of self actualization and learning. During that time she worked a wine harvest in California, soaked her soul while whitewater rafting and kayaking through Colorado and Utah, and traveled Europe, expanding her knowledge of food and wine. Finally settling in Baltimore, she worked as an assistant wine buyer, expanding her knowledge base and refining her palate.  

A move to Boston 12 years ago led Flea first to work as a wine buyer then a sales rep for a new distributor. Prior to opening Spoke, Flea found her way to Dave’s Fresh Pasta, where she continued to learn, and eventually to create a quirky and boutique selection as the wine buyer. Flea has a reputation for being an Old World fanatic, and for choosing and supporting small producers who care about the land and their communities, and whose wines are authentic and show a sense of place.

In her spare time Flea enjoys cycling with friends, motorcycling, drinking coffee, and shooting the breeze at her favorite coffee shop in Cambridge.

Photo: Katie Noble

John daSilva, Executive Chef

Originally from Gloucester, Massachusetts, chef John daSilva was lured into the kitchen by his passion for food at the age of 13.  After high school, John pursued cooking technique and tradition at New England Culinary Institute in Burlington, VT earning a degree in the Culinary Arts.   He continued his career at the Boarding House on Nantucket and spent the next four years as sous chef under executive chef Erin Zircher.  John cites his time at the Boarding House as a defining experience. “Erin opened my eyes to all corners of the Mediterranean, and taught me how to be a leader,” he says.

John moved back to Boston in 2008 and began working at Barbara Lynch’s flagship restaurant, No. 9 Park.  He rose through the ranks quickly and spent the next several years working as executive sous chef.  The 29 year old chef has recently garnered a great deal of attention for his modern Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and in 2012, was recognized by Zagat as one of Boston’s ‘30 under 30’.  Inspired by a six month working sabbatical on his friend’s ten acre farm in Concord, John is excited to showcase local farms and producers in a casual, neighborhood setting.